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Light Weight

Galaxie 2 Door Hardtop (Lightweight) 63B

Galaxie 2 Door Hardtop (Lightweight) 63B

Major Specifications

Wheelbase  -  119.0"   Luggage Capacity  -  17.1 cu ft
Front Tread  -  61.0"   Trunk Volume with spare  -  30.0 cu ft
Rear Tread  -  60.0"   Headroom  -  39.1"
Length overall  -  209.8"   Maximum leg room  -  41.9"
Width overall  -  80.0"   Hip room  -  62.3"
Height overall  -  56.5"   Shoulder room  -  59.6"
Curb Weight (with 289 V8 & 3-speed manual)
2 Door Sedan - 3680.0 lbs
4 Door Sedan - 3770.0 lbs

Lightweight Interior

Exterior Paint Colors & Codes

32 34 35  

In 1964, NHRA relaxed the rules on required production numbers for class legality to a total of 50 cars. As a result, Ford produced only 50 lightweight Galaxies for the year. The cars were split between 25 4-speed and 25 automatic transmissions equipped units. At the same time the Thunderbolt was introduced, Ford Motor Company announced the availability of the 1964 Lightweight Galaxy. DSO No. 840018 was selected for the 4-speed and 84-0007 the automatic units. This particular Lightweight has DSO No. 840018 and therefore is an original 4-speed transmission equipped unit. Ford's announcement read that the cars would be equipped as stated with no additions or deletions. All 50 cars came without heater, sound deadening, radio, undercoating and anything which could reduce the weight. All cars came with a plate riveted to the glove box door Stating: THIS CAR IS MADE BY FORD RACING, IT IS MADE WITH LIGHTWEIGHT PARTS, AND SHOULD NEVER BE DRIVEN ON THE STREET. All purchasers were required to sign a disclaimer that stated "This car is is a maximum performance vehicle and should only be sold to the knowing customer who understands the warranty implications it the car used for racing. Ford also had the presence of mind to rate the new 427 High Riser engine at 425 horsepower, when the actual number was closer to 500. This came in very handy at the race track for both the Galaxy and the Thunderbolt, which came equipped with the same engine, transmission, rear end and cold-air induction. With the Galaxies body riding on a lightweight chassis, similar to the 1963 lightweight, the 1964 lightweight was available only in Wimbleton white exterior and red interior. The car came with a reverse bubble fiberglass hood which was necessary to accommodate cold-air inductions' massive air box. These cars were a perfect fit for NHRA's new AA/SS class. The Ford Factory Lightweight was a fantastic success. In 1964, Mike Schmidt of Desert Motors and his Galaxy Lightweight stood side by side with Gas Ronda as NHRA World Champions in their respective classes. This Particular Ford Factory Lightweight has had only three owners in 44 years, it is in incredibly good shape since it has been covered in a garage for the last 40 years. It has absolutely no rust on any part of the frame or body shape and has all factory parts, with matching numbers. Custom